The Woman Who Bails Out the NFL’s Bad Boys and other links

accumulating links

The Woman Who Bails Out the NFL's Bad Boys –
The True Believers : Sam Harris and Graeme Wood discuss the Islamic State : Sam Harris.
The National‘s privacy policy is excellent!
For repairers « The Restart Project.
Choosing Celibacy: Do Your Research on the Lifestyle – The Root.
Farewell to America | Gary Younge | US news | The Guardian.
President Obama delivers Eulogy – FULL VIDEO (C-SPAN) – YouTube.
Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption.
history of the british transport police.
Le Show – Harry Shearer Le Show – Harry Shearer.
McNaughton Fine Art.

Cassetteboy vs David Cameron – Gettin’ Piggy With It – YouTube

“I am, in all modesty, a skilled author, one of the finest writing today.”
Smeagol Nielson Hayden | John C. Wright's Journal.



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